Dealing with bots

Hey all, I’m trying to figure out a way to deal with bots that join to chat stuff like
[ROBLOX]: Visit BLOX.NAVY in browser for ROBUX reward!
I don’t want to outright kick people - maybe there’s legitimately a case for you to chat something with the format [Stuff]: or {Stuff}: but surely there should be a way to detect if it’s getting spammed and mute them?

How would I go about doing this? Any ideas are helpful, thanks!

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Dont kick them. Blacklist some messages and just block them from saying it. You can update the blacklist as time goes on.

Also you aren’t having trouble with scripting this are you? Because this shouldn’t be in scripting support if so.

Where would be the better place to post this?

What I think that can stop bots is to not send any messages from any player unless they already press the play button. Bots usually just join a game, chat and then leave so this would add an extra step to do if you wanted to chat and will result in bots’ messages not being shown. And if a player wanted to chat but not yet pressed the play button, it would show a pop-up saying you need to click the play button to chat. But I’m not sure how to script something like this.


Just block messages , pretty sure u can do this with string.find and/or string.lower