Death Label Wont' Work

So, I created a label that will pop up and fade away whenever the player dies. I get an error saying that there’s no such thing as “DeathLabel” in screen gui. I spelled it correctly and checked the script analysis. Code:

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Try “script.Parent:WaitForChild(“DeathLabel”)”. When exactly do you get the error?

No error. It just warned in script analysis and didn’t work

Did it say: “DeathLabel is not a valid member of Main”?

No errors and nothing in the script analysis anymore. It just won’t work

Is your ScreenGui “Main” ResetOnSpawn property enabled? Disable it and try.

I turned it off, still doesn’t work.

try player.Character:WaitForChild(“Humanoid”).Died:Connect(function()


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Thanks it worked! I didn’t even know an event like that existed!!

You’re welcome, glad it worked. And yeah, those events are so convenient.

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