Decals and sounds not using long form asset urls

First off, will you PLEASE stop messing around with studio? All these unnecessary updates raise my blood pressure.

If you paste a long form asset url into a decal or sound it automagically transforms into rbxassetid://2670916


I use the long form because I have the satisfaction of knowing that my games will work just fine in gametest versions.

Possible reasons for this update:

  1. long form url is getting deprecated
  2. gametest versions fetch rbxassetid:// from instead of
  3. you just wanted to make the developer experience “better”

Regardless of why this was done, I just want studio to do what I tell it to. Going behind my back and changing the asset url to use rbxassetid:// instead of is definitely not on my list of things I wanted for Christmas.

Neither was right-click-to-select.

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Please use a respectful tone and do not make assumptions on the forums. Not everything that happens is intentional on our end and may simply be something that’s broken.

I cannot reproduce this on my end. What OS are you on and what Studio version do you have?

Sorry about the tone. I get really stressed out when I encounter features that prevent me from doing what I used to be able to. I reinstalled studio and the behavior stopped.