Decals Are Placed In Workspace, Can't Place On Brick

When I insert a decal from the toolbox, it doesn’t let me click a part to paste it on. It just injects it in workspace. I then need to copy paste the decal into the brick I want, then manually adjust the surface.

Seems like a bug, or a huge downgrade.

Edit: Once the decal is in workspace, if I copy it, then select the part in explorer, paste in explorer, I can then set the surface of the decal on the part. Still a huge pain though.


yeah i noticed this a day or two ago, & its annoying.

Yeah, this happened after the change of pasting behavior, but then it was fixed, but it seems the problem is back again… Setting the surface is rather inconvenient and time consuming after you do it a number of times.

also, you can no longer paste them into Models :L a part of my game depended on a Decal’s texture value to be read off, now I have to change that to use a StringValue, much less pretty looking