Decent Prices and Amounts for Buying in-game Currency?

  1. What do you want to achieve?
    For players to be able to buy a decent amount of currency for a decent amount of Robux.

  2. What is the issue?
    I just don’t know what would be good amounts for each price.

  3. What solutions have you thought of so far?
    The DevForum is probably the only good solution.

I need ideas and stuff for a good ratio of the cost in robux and how much currency each product gives.

This generally depends on how much different items in your game are in in game currency, for instance if a rarer item is “cheap” then the in game currency should be more expensive to purchase, whilst if rarer items are more expensive, generally speaking, you should probably make the currency cheaper. Another thing that’s commonly used to sell more currency in a game is also the reduction of price by a percentage depending on how much currency you’re buying, in bloxburg 1000 dollars is 50 r$, whilst 500,000 is 6000 r$, unequal ratios. But all in all, the price of your currency will ultimately depend on its value in game, think of how much an item would be worth in robux, then proceed by making that amount of currency to buy the item the amount you deemed the item worth in robux and so forth.

How hard is it to get the currency normally and how much is a small amount and a big amount of that currency?

It honestly depeneds on how hard it’s to get that currency. Like if you need to play the game for like 20 minutes or get a certain pet it should be expensive because normal people without ROBUX would just be on the bottom of the leaderboard. In an instance, that it would be easier it should be cheaper. As getting the most common pet and selling it gives you like 20 coins, 20 coins could be like 5 ROBUX as the most common pet is easy to get. The egg for the pet should be around 5 coins. If you don’t think this helpful, think if you were a player of the game. “What would be a good price?”