Decibel framework >> Devlog #1

Hello everyone,

I was working on a framework whole time and I decided its the time for the whole ROBLOX community to see the perfect Anti-cheat, Decibel framework!



  • CoreGui prevention
  • Huge velocity prevention
  • Custom humanoid patch
  • ServerSide DDoS patch
  • JumpPower patch
  • Custom character controller patch (Tooks a time to detect)
  • innapropirate content patch (a bit of AI)
  • Custom Wireframe rendering
  • 3D terrain mode
  • Custom unlocked RBXscriptsignal
  • Custom unlocked age check (You can see when player is born)
  • Custom RobloxLocked objects (Prevents your objects from being decompiled or being stolen)


  • Real-Time exploit detection (Might be dismissed)
  • HTTPService security (Prevents innapropirate content from being loaded on server)
  • Custom CoreGui functions (Custom leaderboard etc.)
  • Custom RobloxLocked objects
  • Spesified exploit check (Synapse X, ProtoSmasher etc.)

You must cheat in-game to see the progress: Decibel framework - Roblox

@EgoMoose DM me if there is a way to detect Custom Character Controller real time.

if your client is an older version of ROBLOX the game will automaticly kick you.