Dedicated Scripter Needed | 40% of Game and Robux Payments

About Footprint Games

Hello I am Austune, Builder and Founder of Footprint Games.
I have worked for studios like Cloud Entertainment(Fishing Simulator/Blade Of Honor)
Including I have worked with ColdDeveloper. Also currently with Kensizo.
(If you check to see if I’ve actually worked with Cloud Entertainment, I fell off with them and then made back up which is why I don’t have any credits on Fishing Simulator anymore, but I do still have the credits on Blade Of Honor)
-Checking my friends list can insure who I have worked with and my certain relations

The project will be with Footprint Games but when finished, will transition to a new group name.

##Picture from PART of the Game

We have an Investor that will provide funding for the game such as sponsorships/advertisements.
I will not name the investor until discussion has been met, but he is a big one. Lots of ROBUX will be put into this.

The Team
@Austune - Building/Boss - 35%
@OPEN - Scripter - 40%
@Investor - 25%
@Sir_Bladez - UI
@Sir_Bladez - GFX


This is a serious project for someone looking to make a career out of developing and make pay roll. As said above, 40% will be given to the Scripter and Robux will be payed throughout development.

About The Job

We are looking for a Dedicated Scripter, someone who will not only take this Job seriously, but attend to developing every day(unless good reasoning) and is super active. The Scripter’s role would be to take notes on everything I officially suggest, including that everything should be completed in an orderly fashion. The game will be organized on Trello, and communication is one of the biggest roles as a scripter.
Including that the game would be updated weekly once player count rises, you will need to be always trying to improve with the things you do.

Name Of Game Not being Shown Yet

There are 2 ideas I have for this game, which can be changed or worked with once a scripter is hired.
(Both of these Ideas are already prepared for choice)
-1st Idea: 1 large map with Low Poly builds, exploration, swords, and more.
-2nd Idea: Separate maps that will load corresponding to map voting or many other things. UI is already completed for this project, but everything can be improved, so UI may be redesigned.
NOTE: There is more involved in the ideas but for privacy purposes, the entire idea will not be leaked.

If you aren’t extremely experienced, or lack basic knowledge for scripting, this post is not for you. This is a serious business offer and only pertains to someone who is serious about their work. I also require that you must be above the age of 17.

If you are a busy person or are currently involved in any other projects, there must be a 100% guarantee that you will work and finish everything on time without leading me on or causing problems.

-A contract will be Initiated. (I prefer you to not be involved in other projects)


Before you ignore the offer due to it being percentage, the Scripter will get 40% of game profits.
I am releasing 2 other games currently and this one which will for sure be successful due to my experience and understanding on how to make a game successful, so I will be able to provide Robux payment throughout the job.
If you have doubts, add me anyways for more information.

Contact Us

Contact me on Discord for more Information - Austune#4610

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