Deep Rush - obstacles/ speed running game

Hello, i’m currently working on a speed running game called “Deep Rush”
it would be great if i could get some feedback of how the game is currently.
note: the game is like 50% done

video on how the game currently looks:


the main menu looks kinda… how i can explain… you could put more effort on the main menu, maybe,
(where you can see trees, crystals

it would be nice to create some npcs running around crystal or trees, dodging or jumping them, and make it a loop, for example, like (geometry dash)

place only 1 or 2 trees, same with crystals… the portal could be at the end (remove the other) ( your choice) , where the npcs would just vanish ( entering on it )

just an idea


thanks, i will follow up with this.

I feel that you can make it better, the lighting is very like meh… maybe you can that fits with the map, the game feels empty maybe you can add sound effects, custom, the other things are okay but can make it better


thanks, also, the game has sounds, its just the recording that has them muted

The loading screen is too long for me
Can you make it shorter

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I would suggest to keep the player constantly moving forward so that it will be more of a challenge and intriguing to players.


yes, that will be in some game modes

Looks pretty good, gives me Speed Run 4 vibes. Though I don’t think you need Admin commands in a game like this, It makes it look like you use free models. But if you really need Admin, I think there is an option in HD Admin to hide it from non-admin players.

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oh yes lol im only using it for a faster testing, it would be removed and i will make my own admin panel when the game is out lol