Default R15 walking animation won't change

I’m trying to use this local script in startercharacterscripts to change my walk animation. The animation ID is changed, but it still plays the default walking animation. Anyone know why?

local Animate = script.Parent:WaitForChild"Animate"

Animate.Disabled = true

Animate:WaitForChild("walk"):GetChildren()[1].AnimationId = ""

Animate.Disabled = false
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Never understood why tbh. Happened to me everytime I tried to change the ID with a script during a game. Hope someone will understand what the problem is. The best solution would be to create an animate script by yourself.

Did you set the Animation Priority to Movement? That might be why. Check that and report back!

Hey, I just changed the run animation to that ID and it’s working now, so i guess it was running instead of walking lol