Defend The Train Changelog


Version 0.3.8 BETA
This update adds in some new content alongside a few fixes and changes.


  • Added new track (Farmlands)
  • Added new weapon (Peacemaker [Gunslinger])
  • Added 2 new upgrades (Throw Force [Toxic Waste, Gasoline], Radius [Toxic Waste, Gasoline])
  • Added 6 new skins (Countryside, Vaporwave [Gunslinger, Medic], Old Legend [Gunslinger], Nurse [Medic], Street Flow [Medic], Garage Inventor [Medic])
  • Added 2 new styles (Wrangler [Default, Gunslinger], Truck Freak [Default, Psycho])


  • Fixed Boba Blaster not ignoring players for mouse position
  • Fixed stock airbourne enemies taking too long to start firing
  • Fixed stock enemies with undamageable vehicles being unable to deal damage
  • Fixed Flying Robot firing instantly
  • Fixed Saucer firing too quickly when spawning
  • Fixed arched projectiles not respecting collision
  • Fixed sniper weapons not calling for reload when unzooming with Auto Reload enabled

General Changes

  • Updated Industrial Canyon
  • Retreating vehicles now grant EXP to any vehicle damage dealt
  • EXP can now be gained from the passengers
  • Alive players leaving now counts towards the Dead-Man’s Gambit’s crit counter
  • Enemies with aiming now increase in speed based on the wave
  • A user’s device will now show on the playerlist
  • Updated Steampunk style
  • Updated Ads





Finally getting around to adding some more, Farmlands is this update’s brand new track! This is a Gunslinger oriented track with the enemies requiring you to stay on your toes or you may end up falling off of the train!

Included this update is a remake of Industrial Canyon which overhauls the visual look, improves the performance, and changes around some of the enemies.

New to the track is the “Dash Cart” which is a standard sniper enemy that will spawn at the top of the track from either side. The previous “Cart” enemy has been changed to now include a random choice of weapon when spawning. This enemy can now choose between a group of passengers, a rocket launcher, a freeze ray, or the previously seen turret.


The Peacemaker is a new secondary for Gunslinger that’ll trade neutral damage for a high amount of damage against enemies similar to the primaries. Individual shots are faster and more accurate when compared to stock at the cost of a slow firing & reload speed. This weapon comes with the ability to fan your remaining clip by holding down the fire button!

Version 0.3.8a BETA
This patch fixes a few issues and rebalances a few things.


  • Fixed Classic having a limited reserve ammo
  • Fixed Original train’s spawns being incorrect


  • Removed lobby spawn points that are farthest from the upgrade station

General Changes

  • Reduced intermission time on Holiday
  • Reduced base price of the Extra Sector on the Bullet train from 500 > 300
  • Increased the Peacemaker’s base bullet speed from 250 > 300
  • Reduced Peacemaker’s spread when fanning from 1 > 0.7