Defend The Train Changelog


Version 0.4.4 BETA (Summer Update)
This fashionably but not technically late Summer update adds in a new boss fight, some limited items, and a plethora of fixes and changes!


  • Added new boss (Senior & Junior)
  • Added shooting range
  • Added new gamemode (Armoury Circuit)
  • Added new special wave (Short Stocked)
  • Added new weapon (The Reel Deal [Gunslinger, Primary])
  • Added 6 new skins (Corpo Enigma, Thrillers [Medic, Psycho], Hunter [Gunslinger,] (Limited), Ghillie [Gunslinger] (Limited), Park Mascot [Medic] (Limited), Lumberjack [Psycho] (Limited))
  • Added 3 new weapon skins (Camo [Sniper, Second-Rate Sawed Off] (Limited), Rouged Canvas [Sniper], Popsicle [Energy Drink] (Limited))
  • Added 4 new emotes (Beach Lounging [Limited], Electro Shuffle, Kick Back, Sproingy)
  • Added 3 new stickers (Grillin’, Shocker, You Must DIE)
  • Added music to Gangnam
  • Added notification for new items earned
  • Added tooltip for special wave information
  • Added rarity sort to the shop
  • Added tags above interactable locations


  • Fixed Sudden Death not working on the Combat train
  • Fixed Heal Ring not accounting for the Heal Gun’s Heal Amount upgrade
  • Fixed automatic bubble pops not granting EXP to the creator
  • Fixed vehicles with special weapons not retreating properly
  • Fixed Bandit Queen’s turret doing the incorrect amount of damage
  • Fixed Bandit Queen’s TNT not properly landing
  • Fixed Skeleton Biker’s bomb not properly landing
  • Fixed Toy Tank’s tube health incorrectly scaling
  • Fixed backpack equip cooldowns not properly working
  • Fixed weapon statistics being displayed on weapon skins
  • Fixed weapon reputation requirements being displayed on weapon skins
  • Fixed item obtainment notification via reputation increase not supporting weapons with skins
  • Fixed Last One Standing not being properly rewarded(?)

General Changes

  • Increased maximum reputation from 15 > 30
  • Adjusted base prices of weapons
  • Increased AUG’s base damage from 5 > 6
  • Reduced Borrowed Technology’s EXP cap from 5 > 8
  • Dead Man’s Gambit’s damage threshold now scales based off the damage upgrade
  • Healing now displays health healed
  • Enemy and vehicle health is now reduced on Secondaries Only
  • Deflector no longer gains EXP from melee weapons
  • Shotgun bikers now wait longer before firing on arrival
  • Borrowed Technology now updates speed & jump height on the client
  • Last One Standing now only requires a minimum of 3 people in the server
  • Updated UI
  • Updated Retro
  • Updated Fix-It Felines
  • Updated Ads



The stupidly late Summer update is now out! Due to this just being so close to the end of the season, I figured trying to cram in some decoration last minute wouldn’t of been worth it, but any themed items are in the shop and will be available for sale until October 17th, 2023.

We plan on actually finishing up with the RBLXWare and Battleboards updates I promised a while back now that we’ve gotten a major addition out of the way. Defend The Train will be receiving a Halloween update this year as well, though we don’t plan on shipping any major Beta to-do list changes with that update as we have Christmas to do right after.


Senior and Junior

For our next boss fight, we’ve added in Senior and Junior!

Icon Beta 10

Senior, the Father brought his begrudgingly dragged along Son Junior onto a hunting trip for some “Father-Son Bonding”, though Senior would suddenly come across the D.T.T. crew and decide that they’d be his catch for the day. With his tricked-out hunting RV, Senior is armed to the teeth with various weaponry. Although he doesn’t have any interest in what his Dad’s up to, Junior is eventually told to join the fight as air support.

Similarly to the Bandit Queen, this fight is intended to be a permanent addition! Upon completing the boss alive, players will be awarded with Junior as a skin for Medic and the Senior Grill sticker. Completion on the Hard difficulty will aware Senior as a skin and the Reel Deal primary for Gunslinger.

Shooting Range

The Shooting Range is a new feature that will allow players to test out weapons and their upgrades regardless if they own them or not. To access the range, you must talk to the Instructor in the lobby who will now give you an option to teleport to the tutorial or the range.

Inside of the range, weapons can be obtained for the class you’re playing by going to the weapons stand. All upgrades will be completely free in this area! Various settings can be changed in the range to adjust the target health, speed, and model. A second room is also included which allows players to toggle a rocket launcher in order to test damage to yourself or a friendly dummy.

New Gamemode & Special Wave

Armoury Circuit is a new gamemode in which every wave each class is given a random weapon loadout regardless of the slot and what class the item is intended for. Anything is possible in this mode with the exception that you cannot get a pairing of two items that will make you unable to damage or support your team in any way (ie. two drinks).

Short Stocked is a special wave that will limit how many refills you have. During the wave, each ammo box on the train will spawn and each have a limited amount of uses for each player before they become unavailable. On the higher waves, careful usage of refills and your ammo reserve will be required!

The Reel Deal

The Reel Deal is a new Gunslinger primary obtained by completing Senior and Junior alive on the Hard difficulty. This weapon is used by Senior during phase two of his fight in which he will attempt to hit a player and yank them off of the train. With this weapon, you are able to pull off enemies hit in one go, though this comes at the cost of a slow reload speed and a hefty arc to the harpoon. Landing hits against close to medium ranges will be more consistent, though anything at a farther range will prove to be unreliable.

Reputation Increase

The maximum reputation has been increased all the way up to 30! This was the initial plan for how high I wanted the reputation to be, though we launched the Beta with a limit of 15 as I felt like such a high amount was unnecessary with the short amount of unlocks we initially tested the waters with. Now that more unlocks have been added, I felt as if it were a good time to give that limit an increase to our original intention.

Those who currently are at the absolute maximum amount of credit on reputation 15 will instantly have their reputation go up to 16 upon completing a wave. On-top of many weapons shifting around their reputation requirement, the overall base price of many weapons have been decreased. Not many weapons are currently past reputation 15 (those being the AUG and the Borrowed Technology), but as we add more unique ideas to the weapon roster, more higher reputation items are to be added.

For anyone who currently own an item that’s had it’s reputation changed whether it was bought or earned for free from increasing your reputation, you will still own the item if it’s new requirement is higher than your current reputation!

Balance Changes

The AUG’s base damage has been increased by a whopping one. Seriously! I never had an issue with this weapon’s usability as it may be suggested in the community, though I figured giving the weapon a slight damage boost would be welcomed as when compared to the base & upgraded damage output of stock and the FAL, it fell far behind. The small increase still keeps it lower as intended, though by far less of a margin.

Borrowed Technology
The Borrowed Technology has had it’s EXP gain increased. It’s gain was initially cut in half as I felt the default rate was too high for how much damage it was able to output in a short period of time, though soon realized after the weapon’s release that it was far too harsh. The new rate is much closer to the default, though still offset by a bit to keep things alright. On a side note, the speed & jump height has been fixed so it’ll update right away on equip & unequip rather than waiting for the server to do so.

The Deflector is no longer able to earn any EXP from blocking any damage coming from enemy melee weapons. This was done because the amount you were able to obtain was absolutely broken due to melees being able to register hits multiple times in a single swing. Currently, this only affects the skeletons from the Temple track.

Special Wave Tooltip

A small change has been made to the wave warning UI that will now allow you to view the upcoming special wave at anytime. To do this, highlight the intermission time while it’s still on-going and the special wave’s name and a brief description will display.

Progress Report

Next up for major additions in the Beta, we plan on putting together the Campaign Mode! For those out of the loop, in summary this is a game type that’d take place on a specific track and would have a set end wave. Campaigns would be given a slight story (context to where you’re going, what your task is, etc) and would be structured to look like you’re on a gradual adventure through an area that eventually leads to your destination.

When this feature is complete, the two campaigns that’d be available from the jump would be for Ghost Town with the Bandit Queen serving as the boss and Forest with the new Senior and Junior fight serving as that campaign’s boss.

This feature is likely going to take a while to complete so I don’t personally expect that it’ll be complete by this year, though I imagine we’d be able to get it done not too far into the next year!


Version 0.4.4a BETA
This patch fixes a few issues from the update’s launch.


  • Added new gamemode (Super Randomizer [VIP])


  • Fixed characters rarely failing to respawn
  • Fixed controllers being unable to navigate the sidebar
  • Fixed duplicate weapons in Armoury Circuit not entirely working as intended
  • Fixed weapon loadout sometimes not resetting after Armoury Circuit(?)
  • Fixed Railgun rarely not positioning correctly
  • Fixed Railgun’s driver not moving along with the seat
  • Fixed Junior’s railgun damaging himself
  • Fixed Junior’s railgun beam not instantly disappearing on death
  • Fixed Beach Lounging’s umbrella having a hitbox
  • Fixed Auto Reload not working on The Reel Deal

General Changes

  • Disabled Holiday on Armoury Circuit


Super Randomizer is a special gamemode exclusive to VIP Servers that simply just combines Randomizer and Armoury Circuit into one mode. I figured this would be a bit much being in standard rotation with the other two or if it were to replace them, so this’ll sit right in VIPs.

Changes available in new servers!

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