Defend The Train Changelog


Version 0.5.7 BETA
This update overhauls the lighting, adds in a new track, and makes adjustments to weapon balance.


  • Added weather system
  • Added evening and sunrise time settings
  • Added new track (Frozen North)
  • Added new skin (Wildcard [Psycho])
  • Added 3 new weapon skins (Paratrooper [FAL], Underbarrel [Second-Rate Sawed Off], Cabbie [Gasoline])
  • Added new emote (Caramelldansen)
  • Added 2 new songs (Main Theme [Evening], Late Game [Evening])
  • Added new setting (Sun Rays)
  • Added featured section to shop


  • Fixed scoping’s tween occasionally failing to finish
  • Fixed the Handcar’s passengers being able to miss their jump onto the train(?)
  • Fixed Classic Truck’s passengers having a missing tool animation
  • Fixed saturation not being applied on certain tracks
  • Fixed certain UI elements being automatically translated


  • Removed Deflector’s EXP ban on melee enemies

General Changes

  • Updated lighting
  • Reduced cash rates
  • Increased amount of cash gained from product purchases
  • Melees no longer drain stamina by default
  • The Gunslinger’s Leverage now has sway
  • Decreased Gunslinger’s Leverage’s base firing speed from 0.7s > 0.9s
  • Increased Gunslinger’s Leverage’s hipfire spread from 0 > 8
  • Increased Gunslinger Leverage’s firing speed upgrade max from 2 > 4
  • Increased Second-Rate Sawed Off’s base damage from 4 > 5
  • Increased Second-Rate Sawed Off’s Reload Speed upgrade max from 2 > 4
  • Reduced Mini-Dragon’s Burn upgrade increment from 2s > 1s
  • Reduced Mini-Dragon’s Reload Speed upgrade increment from 0.2s > 0.1s
  • Reduced Dark Robloxian Roast’s damage buff from 30% > 20%
  • Reduced Radicola’s damage buff from 30% > 20%
  • Reduced gokruu Cola’s defense buff from 40% > 25%
  • Reduced Energy Drink’s defense debuff from 40% > 30%
  • The Deflector will no longer register multiple hits from a single enemy melee slash
  • Sticker sounds will now display in the sound test
  • Updated Golden style for the Assault Rifle, Heal Gun, Shotgun, and Pistol
  • Updated instructions on The Chef




New Lighting

The lighting has been greatly overhauled for this update! Initially starting off as an attempted fix on the shininess of reflective materials (such as the Golden weapon skins), this quickly turned into me just giving the look of the game a nice update to look less dated.

Brightness overall has increased, the ColourShift and ColourCorrection have been given a stronger orange hue, ambient levels have been lowered a bit, and the shadows are now less transparent than before. Diffuse and Specular scale have also been switched on which allows for materials such as the Golden skins to actually have some shine to them!

Outside of property changes, evening and sunrise have been added to the time cycle! Before, you would only briefly see these times during the transition from day - night or vice versa. Now, this is it’s own dedicated time as I personally really liked the look! The time cycle now goes from day > evening > night > sunrise and will change every 2 waves instead of the previous 4 waves. Evening wave theme remixes have been added as well!

As a followup from the previous update’s Thunderstorm special wave, I’ve went ahead and made weather a random element at the start of each wave. Currently this just includes rain on any tracks that are applicable. Weather has no gameplay effect and is just for aesthetic purposes. It will have a slight chance to appear at the start of a wave, though in VIP Servers the next wave’s weather can be forced to have nothing, rain, or thunder without the lightning strikes that come from the special wave.

New Track

This update adds in Frozen North, a track revolving entirely around boarding enemies. Ships will rapidly arrive to the train and drop off a batch of vikings before departing. The enemies are made to be pretty weak in health, though things can get overwhelming fast if your team is not getting rid of them before they board onto the train.

The variant list for the vikings include the following:

  • Standard - Regular viking equipped with an axe. Has the lowest health of them all and is the most common. Will spawn on both the Longboat and Longship.
  • Shield - Bulkier version of the standard viking who has more health and a higher attack rate. Will spawn on the Longboat.
  • Brute - A strong viking who has the highest damage output and health at the cost of a slower movement speed. Will spawn on the Longship.
  • Archer - A special viking equipped with a bow. Spawns in a pair on the Archer Boat.
Featured Section

The shop now sports a featured section that will pick a random set of cosmetic items to put at a discount! Starting from the second wave, items in the Battle Ready and Military Grade tiers will be put on-sale at a 5% discount. The list of featured items will refresh each wave with the available tiers and discount amount increasing based on the current wave and difficulty.

Every 3 waves the discount amount for each item on featured will increase by 5% with the limit being based on the difficulty chosen. When playing on Easy, the max discount will be at 15% while on Hard it will go up to 35% off. Once wave 8 is reached, items in the Top Shelf and D.T.T Select tier will have a chance to appear with the likelihood of lower tier items showing up becoming less common as the server approaches the late-game.

Those with the Valued Contractor gamepass will get an additional 5% discount added to all items that appear on the featured page. With the gamepass’ benefits now all being complete, I’ve hiked up the price a bit. Be sure to get me my lunch money if you want like… all these super awesome benefits and stuff… :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: :dollar:

Balance Changes

This update comes with a few notable balance changes, so the following will be a brief overview as to why these changes were made.

The Gunslinger’s Leverage was arguably one of the most busted weapons in the game and was overdue to be taken down a peg. I didn’t want to change much about it’s damage output as I felt like that wasn’t an issue, but I did go ahead and give it sway when firing scoped in like other snipers and gave it a bit of spread on hipfire. The base fire rate has gone down, so the maximum now is essentially what the base fire rate was beforehand. These changes should help prevent sniping incoming enemies from afar with ease as the sway and slower firing speed should make that a bit less consistent.

For the drink items, I’ve went ahead and reduced many of their upsides as I felt like they were far too powerful. The Dark Robloxian Roast and Radicola had it’s damage buff cut down, the gokruu Cola had it’s insane defense buff cut down to a more fair amount, and the Energy Drink has been given a slight buff with it’s defense debuff being cut down a bit. The Radicola and gokruu Cola were the two that I felt were the most problematic, so these new amounts should hopefully be fair.

Mini-Dragon had it’s burn upgrade nerfed so it both isn’t as strong for a secondary and so it doesn’t overshadow the Gasoline. I felt like the damage on the gun itself was fine, so I only went ahead and reduced the afterburn duration as that’s where a lot of the unnecessary damage stemmed from. Burn duration compared to the Gasoline is much shorter (and inherently weaker), so there should be more of a reason to pull out the latter in certain scenarios.

The rest is pretty simple, but melee weapons will no longer drain stamina by default and will instead be used as a downside for possible future melees if I think it needs something like that. The Second-Rate Sawed Off has also received a slight buff to it’s damage and max reload speed.