Defend The Train - Version 0.0.6 ALPHA

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Version 0.0.6a ALPHA
This patch includes a few fixes for some issues that appeared on the Halloween update’s launch.


  • Fixed spectate occasionally selecting yourself
  • Fixed being able to walk on the rails on certain tracks
  • Fixed enemies occasionally not spawning after activating the Missile Launcher
  • Fixed Detonator animations playing without the tool equipped
  • Fixed Floating Platform enemy not using a weapon

General Changes

  • Special Wave Select & Special Wave themes can now be changed


Changing the Special Wave Select & Special Wave themes will require the Custom Music gamepass. Changes available in new servers.


Version 0.0.6 ALPHA (Halloween Update)
This update includes a new Halloween themed track with a special badge to earn for completion alongside some other new additions & improvements to the game.


  • Added 3 new tracks (Pumpkin Valley, Highway, Industrial Canyon)
  • Added Killsounds
  • Added Special Waves (Class Locked, Half, Haze, Double Trouble)
  • Added 5 new badges (Halloween 2020, 6 Feet Under, Extermonist, Top Employee, High Class)
  • Added new tool (Detonator)
  • Added new server setting (Permanent Deaths)


  • Fixed being able to go back into first person after dying
  • Fixed being able to reset while spectating
  • Fixed character healthbar not switching to red when under 40 health
  • Fixed being able to spam reload & fire with the Ithaca 37
  • Fixed Maplebrush Plains, Cliffside, Sky Islands, and Paper World being restricted in VIP console
  • Fixed White Jeep’s passenger facing the wrong direction


  • Removed controller binds for Statistics & Settings

General Changes

  • Reduced Missile Launcher base price from 3000 > 2000
  • Nerfed base health of Flying Robot from 50 > 25
  • Enemies will now use low poly versions of weapon models
  • Players screens will start to grayscale the lower their health is
  • Sounds will now start to drown out when at low health
  • Endscreen statistics will no longer display when playing solo
  • The camera will now move with the player’s head on death while in first person
  • Players now have a third slot for holding items
  • Increased base M16A1 damage from 5 > 7
  • Enemies can now spawn infront of the train
  • Activating a Missile Launcher will now disable enemy spawning for 5 seconds
  • Updated Plane to use colours based on the track
  • Missile Launcher will now play a sound when exploding
  • Updated default hitsound
  • Increased Bird base health from 125 > 175
  • Increased Bird max health from 625 > 825
  • Increased Blimp base health from 200 > 300
  • Increased Hot Air Balloon base health from 175 > 200
  • Increased Kayak base health from 25 > 100
  • Increased Kayak max health from 375 > 600
  • Increased Toy Tank base health from 1000 > 2000
  • Decreased Long Jeep’s max health from 1000 > 700
  • Increased Truck’s base health from 200 > 300
  • Increased Truck’s max health from 900 > 1000
  • Increased Van’s base health from 250 > 400
  • Set Toy Tank’s Tube max health from INF > 200
  • Updated Ads



The Halloween event for Defend The Train will end on November 3rd, 2020. This event is meant to be minimal as the game is still in ALPHA therefore we are not yet able to put a complete focus on the content of the event. Collecting the Halloween 2020 badge will award you with a special item once the game is in BETA. The last game set to be updated for Halloween is RBLXWare.