Defining static attributes in OOP

I have this code

local bridgeClass = {}
bridgeClass.__index = bridgeClass

bridgeClass.bridgeColors = {

function, bridgeType)
	local newObject = setmetatable({}, bridgeClass)
	newObject.model = model
	newObject.bridgeType = bridgeType
	newObject.playersOnBridge = {}
	newObject.playerAmount = 0
	return newObject

return bridgeClass

And I was wondering if bridgeClass.bridgeColors could be considered a static attribute. If not, then how would I make one?

Well yes, but it’s bad practice to index enums from an object. Do it from the original class instead.

Where is the enum? The bridgeColors?

Why is it a bad practice? My objects would need to use that table, not the class.

If the object needs it then it’s completely fine, but if the object makes any changes to the bridgeColors then it should be a stored variable.
And with enum, I mean bridgeColors.