Delay in player movement across both clients [SOLVED]

If Player A (Video A) on Client A (Separate client) is looking at Player B (Video B) there is a completely different position for either player’s position (and primarily noticeable when strafing). (See attached video for further explanation) However, when Player A moves their weapon slightly forward to the position of Player B on their client (while not being in Player A’s crosshair), it damages Player B.
This is an issue when using weapons with raycasting, as the bullet isn’t directly hitting the player despite the fact the player is in their crosshair on their screen. However, other experiences do not suffer this problem - how would I go about solving this? I’ve tried adjusting the bullet velocity and optimising remote events but there isn’t a major difference.

NOTE: Video A is recorded from North America - Video B is recorded from the UK, this could be a latency issue, however as I already stated, this doesn’t happen in other experiences.
Player A:

Player B:

It’s going to be hard for anyone to provide support without seeing any code snippets. Are you attempting to handle character movement via the server or client?

The code may have no relation to this, in an empty baseplate game this also occurs. Player movement is being handled normally, as I’ve not changed anything relating to player movement.