Delete mirrored verticles?

Hello Developers! So i am having trouble at the bottom of the pot I’m making. I use a mirror
for this, but i didn’t know it unioned with the cylinder and my cube so i didn’t know the cylinder and the cube was mirrored, all i know was mirroring the cube. So my point of why i created this is, there’s 2 lines of verticles below and they have the same position
and i want to remove a 1 line so when I’ll use the Extrude Region tool it won’t look like this
. i just started using blender in feb so i don’t know much. Thanks!


Hey @TestAccount87000!

First off whenever you post references images for help, take a big image of what we’re supposed to look at and label it. It isn’t easy to help you if it isn’t easy to identify the problem.

If you’re comfortable, I’d drop the .blend file into the wall so I can assess your model, if you’re not comfortable try:

Merge by distance to eliminate duplicates.

(I seriously think this project needs a fresh start, your geometry is already destroyed / and working off of it would take more time than starting over at this point)

My thoughts, first

You should have a grasp of the fundamentals of topology first before you try modeling. Watch this first, the industry practices in this video will alleviate a lot of the mistakes you’re doing right now.

Video Link:

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pot.fbx (49.8 KB)
well this is the creation i made. i don’t know how to get the .blend but i just export it to .fbx as what my friend say when exporting it to roblox. i really appreciate of you helping me out with a tutorial video, thanks!

what i was trying to do with the below mesh was this

Your mesh had duplicated vertices.
To solve:
Faces Menu > Merge > By Distance > Distance parameter == 0.01

CleanedPot.fbx (32.2 KB)

Here’s your pot, make sure your geometry looks like this in the future. Quads are valuable because they’re non-destructive. Good toplogy is synonymous with quads.


There is a bevel tool on the left of your screen in Blender. Mouse over the tools to see which one it is.
As @BloodSpring said, make the vertical faces and bottom solid (not triangles) and then select the bottom loop of edges. Choose the bevel tool and you can smoothly bevel the entire thing, using as many bevel edges as required. Then use the Smooth Faces tool to make the surfaces appear rounded.

Thank you so much! i learned more about blender! thanks to you too @Scottifly !

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The best thing is to look at Blender tutorials. Lots of people here know how to use Blender, but if you search for tutorials on the web you’ll find a lot of good information.

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