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I am pretty interested.I will hire you.How much you want?

can i pay u after releasing the game?

Okay sorry for trouble actually I have no robux but I thin you can apply for this job : [Open] Looking for professional low-poly builder!

I’m not looking to buy anything but i think you should Raise your prices BIG TIME Because the quality of your work Very Very Nice

First of all, if it’s 50 R$ per build, is that only the inside, or the outside? Most of my game will only need people inside because the point of the game is to make people feel trapped. Also, what is your desire Robux method of payment? If you have a T-shirt, I could pay you 50 Robux since I can’t pay through Group funds. Also, I’m not exactly hiring anyone right now per se, but I’m looking for builders just in case the builds in my game end up flopping, or just in case my builder no longer has time to build. Otherwise, as of now, everything in my game is going fine, and my builder tells me she doesn’t want to me to get another builder, so I think she’ll make everything alright.

well i make bothof the side outside and also inside and i cannot sell the t shirt because i have no premium. i love too to sell anything but i cannot sell anything with out any premium so… yeah

Yes, I don’t have Premium either, which is why I don’t have Group Funds. I couldn’t sell anything in my group, which is a shame. I’ll just wait until someone in my group end up getting Premium or something. Also, your builds are really great! I personally think they’re worth 10x the price you’re offering, but it’d be great for people who don’t have much to offer if you didn’t raise your price.

hey i will really like your build… the terrain epic, i think i hire you for that soon, or maybe a medieval house

Wrong place to post your portfolio, do it on #collaboration:portfolios

and also cannot change back so rip

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