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This script is hard but I dont understand what image means. Here is the script

That just means you have en extra end in your code. I don’t see an actual function here, so add


above the Local Leaderstats = Instance.new("Folder", Player) line.

Also it seems you’re using DataStore2. The correct way to grab data with DataStore2 is:

local dataStore = DataStore2("data", Player)
local data = dataStore:Get()

Please look into our category guidelines, debug your own code and do some research on the Developer Hub. This category is not for asking for free fixes and you should be attempting to fix problems yourself before posting threads.

You’re missing too many ends in your code. This often is the product of not indenting properly which I see is heavily apparent in the code picture that’s been supplied (in the future please use code blocks, don’t screenshot code - check the post tools topbar for the </> icon to insert a code block).

If you are using DataStore2, then you are not currently using it properly - please familiarise yourself with DataStore2 documentation since you can answer a lot of use case questions from reading documentation. Research first, attempt second, debug third, ask fourth.

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Thats kinda rude. And wasnt Scripting Support meant for script problems? and alot of people screenshot their code but sure If you want me to remove the topic I will

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It’s not rude, it’s how to properly use this category. The proper way to use this category, or any support forum on the internet for that matter, is to do your own research and attempt yourself first instead of asking for free fixes or solutions to be given to you.

While Scripting Support is meant for asking about issues regarding programming, it’s just that: a help category. Please read our category guidelines again, as it outlines appropriate uses of the category and how you should ideally be posting threads.

Don’t use other circumstances to justify your own. Screenshotting code is not proper. It doesn’t allow users to actually see your code or interact with it as copyable text. Screenshotted code is generally harder to work with than a codeblock.


Then why was the scripting support made if people should “Do their own research”? (just asking)

I’m not sure if anything that I’ve typed so far has been getting read or not. Please read my responses.

The Scripting Support category is a place where you can consult with other developers on programming issues you’ve encountered as a last resort after you’ve attempted the problem yourself, or if you’re looking for support on a conceptual topic which researching wouldn’t suffice for (e.g. gaining technical information). Not for receiving free code nor having others fix your items.

There’s no evidence that you attempted to prior try and resolve this problem on your own time nor research what “eof” or the error you’ve gotten in the console means. This problem could be resolved, again, by indenting properly and doing research first.


“This category is not for asking for free fixes”
How is that so?
It’s literally “Scripting Support”, “Support”… for helping… what are you talking about?

category guidelines basically says it’s for free fixes.
" This is a support category for help on everything related to scripting on the Roblox platform, from extremely basic to even the most technical of issues."

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The Scripting Support category is not, in any capacity, intended for you to just dump broken code and get people to fix it for you. This is a learning resource, not a “do-my-work” website. This is common sense for any support site.

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It said write entire scripts and I havent asked for some one to fix my entire script just one tiny problem

I didn’t tho, OP didn’t ask anyone to write a script for him. He posted a error and asked for help to solve the issue because he don’t understand it.

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It’s getting real tiring that people don’t read up on responses and misuse this category and instead only focus on the negatives of people’s replies. Guidance and solutions have already been provided and you are fully capable of doing your own research to get a better understanding of the issue at hand.


Nope I wasnt missing ends in my got I had too many ends In my code (already fixed it a long time ago) and I read the topic I wouldnt just Respond mid topic

My bad, that was actually my misinterpretation of the error. The script expected the end of the file but got a premature end instead, so it’d be too many rather than too little. Just change the word around.

I read that, I’ve read the whole thread.
What I said has to do with you saying it’s not for free fixes.
It pretty much is, it’s for support. People who have issues with their code and need a fix for it.
I just don’t understand that.

Its all good we all make mistakes

Pretty much =/= Is

You can receive guidance and advice for users on resolving problems. You don’t dump your problems in this category and expect others to fix it for you.

Please continue this conversation in DMs if you’re interested. This has gone on for too long and I’ve likewise also flagged the thread (and the proceeding argument) as off-topic.

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No please do not I always have flagged topics for no reason and I just hate it. I’ll try take it down