DELETED - Crescent World Program and our upcoming game!

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About Us

We’re Crescent World Program, a group destined to have an upcoming adventure/community game! As of right now, we have not too much progress on the game as we’ve been working on character design.

Crew Members

@Sojacheo - Team Leader / Developer - Builder
@Wyvernest - Second in Command / Developer - Scripter
@rosie_r0ose - Second in Command

Our request to you

We request only people interested in Roblox Studio work as of right now; this is subject to change, but as of right now we need a builder, scripter, and a mesher.

Essentialy, our aim is to create a city that seems to be from the future, on a distant planet, Something that can put someone in awe, yet eerie in some places.


If you’re asked to create multiple assets over time, we’ll bind you to a high payment in intervals. This would be discussed in a private manner.

If you’re commissioned, the one time payment will be discussed in DMs.

Additional Notes

You may contact any of our discord accounts for further advancements or QnA!

mkv#0001 - Wyvernest
eggumu#1920 - rosie_r0ose
Crescentiao#3986 - Crescentiao

Please know that you must be 13 or older if you wish to work with our team.

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