To be deleted characters omggg

This may be a scam, the games are all private and no screenshots. They could be possibly botted, please be careful and review before trying.


If your games got privated for privacy issues with roblox that’s already sort of a concern. But you don’t appear to have any other assets that are not privated/heavily disliked without even seeing the light of day. Incredibly suspicious.

Oh no I thought I deleted this sorry. I purposely privated some.

Like I said with the other person I thought I deleted this. I purposely privated some of the games but I can open them up again just let me know.

Mind messaging me all your work?

Sure can u message me on discord?

Nah, just send it through dms on Dev forum

It’s alright then that’s why I was going to delete it because I don’t want to dev for people I’m focusing on my project

Doesn’t seem “Serious to me” please remove your fourm if your not willing to take effort in providing your work.

Ummmm as u can see my post was 10 days ago and I flagged it so they can remove……

Alrighty, then wish you luck change the title of the forum to [ DELETED]

Just fyi I am a serious developer who’s actually worked with big games either personal or not.:slight_smile:

Didn’t really asked , my man carry on.

Ok I will sorry I forgot yeahh

Change title of the forum to, [TO BE DELETED]

I did don’t worry I know lolll