Deleting player children

Hey, I am a bit of an organization and naming nut, so I was wondering if I could delete unused children of the local player like so:

to be:

Is there any issue with deleting stuff like this (with a serverscript on PlayerAdded)?

Afaik, you can’t delete those. What happens when you try to?

Even as a bit of an organisation nut myself to the point where not having a good structure or naming style bothers me to the point of unproductivity I don’t touch these containers. CoreScripts do watch these items and some host internal methods that the player needs (i.e. PlayerGui).

At best, if you delete something like the Backpack, CoreScripts will just remake it. You could try doing it for yourself and that’d save you the trouble of needing to post because then that would give you the answer (or the results if you attempt and don’t know what happens when you try).

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