Deluxé Cafe rules:

Welcome to Deluxé cafe.

Here is some information you need to know, to expand your journey here. :smiley:


  1. Listen to higher ranks
    Listen to higher ranks, and, if you feel something is up, don’t hesitate to report it.

  2. Do not abuse administrator commands
    This is a privilage, and as such, it can be taken away at HR discretion, if they feel you are abusing your rank and/or administrator abilities.

  3. Don’t cause drama and/or unnecessary conflict in group games, and/or group wall.
    Failure to respect this rule, may result in further consequence, If necessary.

  4. Do not troll, break Tos, and/or harass other users.
    If you are caught doing so, (i.e. Threatening or insulting members repeatedly.) you may be demoted/suspended, or kicked/banned from all group games.

Any questions?

Feel free to ask an SA+.

Deluxé, ownership team.