Demo game for my portfolio!

Hi! I’ve made a simple clicking simulator game just to show off my skills as a Roblox developer, this game uses OOP for a lot of things which I have just recently learnt.

This game isn’t supposed to be fun or entertaining, it’s simply to show off my skills as a Roblox developer and sit on my portfolio happily

The shop in this game appears after the introduction, however it is not functional and the shop is simply a UI design showcase.

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As said in the game, here’s the client side of the game:
Local.rbxl (106.5 KB)

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You have to make the game public so we can access it


As @Danielmasterlions said, It may look like it is public for you, but go into the settings of your game and set it to public.

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Ahh sorry I thought i set it to public, turns out it didnt save