[Deprecated] Tom_atoes Customisable Ragdoll

Love the ragdolls, any way you can update it so they can be toggled by bool?

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Try it out in R15 Rig, animate it and try it!

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So like a temp ragdoll? I’ll work on a recovery state now, but you could just disable despawn and use Humanoid:BuildRigFromAttachments()

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  • New settings “CanRecover” and “LimitsEnabled”. Both have been documented in the new edit. (CanRecover suggested by @etensai)
  • Constraint Limits, allows you to control the way your ragdoll works.
  • Local script now part of the model for you lazy people.
New client code
local Camera = workspace.CurrentCamera
local Player = game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer

Event.OnClientEvent:Connect(function(model, humanoid, plr, recovered)
    if plr == Player and not recovered then
		Camera.CameraSubject = model.Head
	elseif plr == Player and recovered then
		Camera.CameraSubject = model.Humanoid

I’ve been looking for something similar thanks a lot! The customization helps a lot too because i have no idea whats going on with some of these ragdoll scripts

Awesome work… Just a few things…

  1. Humanoid Root Part Location
    The humanoid root part doesn’t stick w/ the charatcer, hence if they fall off a roof or elevated part, they will get back up wherever their humanoid root part originated from before the ragdolling. Refer to: https://gyazo.com/2c97060d8ffb0ff9d2ad68d3cc37fc08
  2. Help setting up for R15?
    By default, the character looks really really strange for R15. It’d be really helpful if we could be provided some insight, or examples, on how to set it up to look better for R15 w/ these weird rotated joints: https://gyazo.com/55a5cecdd6f738f13326eb32da3ea050

Other than that, great contribution! :slight_smile:

For the second point, you can change the joint type to HingeConstraint, it should look more natural which is the reason why I added it. You can try edit the Min and Max joints as well to help you achieve the look. As for the first point, I am aware of this issue I’ve just been extremely busy but I will try to get it resolved today. Thank you for the feedback!

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Hey all. Fixed an issue that you guys have been having with the HumanoidRootPart, sorry for not being able to fix this sooner but I hope it solves your issues. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact me. Enjoy!

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Hey nice work!
Just when you can push this in the next update:
Add: self.Model.HumanoidRootPart:FindFirstChild("WeldConstraint"):Destroy()
to line 175 in Ragdoll.Lua
Prevents a weird glitch when standing up from ragdoll


Ok, So I seen u added something in the module that detects the rig type but every time I go to test it in R6 it searches for the R15 bodyparts



I was wondering if i did anything wrong in my part, I set it up the same way u have it setup in your test place


Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with packages, like ‘The Crook’. I’ve tried it out and it’s providing the ability to walk around and jump around when ragdolled.
When walking around during ragdoll.

When jumping during ragdoll.

When resetting during ragdoll.

I’ve tried HingeConstraint and BallSocketConstraint and they both don’t work. I need to recover the character after the specified duration.

Another issue: After recovering, an issue is appearing:

The character before ragdoll.

The character after recovered ragdoll.



Does this module only apply for players? It works completely fine with players, but not NPCs or dummies.

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Dude you rock! This is exactly what I needed!

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Does it work? And @Tom_atoes, could you please make the latest version or help with my code? I am able to ragdoll from a local script but not from server script.

Had the exact same problem. No idea how to solve it!

How am I going to make if player touch a block, it ragdolls

After I use the module I get randomly stuck to the floor.

I have been having this same problem too by any chance have you found a solution for it yet?

@lanternnet @serialdim

Big disclaimer: This will not work on an R6 rig due to a Roblox bug. Hopefully this is fixed in the future.

As stated in the post, R6 rigs will not work due to a roblox bug.

Hey, so ive been trying to use this module to make a knockback stun effect for my game, the problem is that for AOE attacks it only recovers one of the characters that it hit, how could i fix this?