Deprecating the AvatarAccoutrements.ashx endpoint


Hey Developers,

We have plans to deprecate an older web endpoint, AvatarAccoutrements.ashx, we are targeting this change to happen on July 9, 2018. We encourage you to make any necessary changes that you need to prepare for the switch over to the equivalent Lua API, GetCharacterAppearanceInfoAsync.

You can learn more about the newer API through our Developer Portal:

If you have any questions please feel free to reply to this thread.

Developer Relations Team


wait what? how would a game send a request to that endpoint in the first place (without proxy) since is trustchecked


@shayner32 Most of the requests are coming through a proxy site which suggests people are using HttpService with a proxy to access that data.


Is the current web API endpoint for getting this information?


But what if it’s being used from an external application and not in Studio? Will it work the same?


Yes, that’s correct.


Please use for external applications


Ah, alright. Thank you. Was just wondering, that was all.


I don’t really see why anyone was using this anyway.


I didn’t even that this existed until this announcement. Nonetheless, it definitely looks like a good change.


This endpoint is now deprecated. All requests to it will now return a 404.