Descended [BETA]

I am working on a game called Descended but while I was at it, I started getting worried about the models in the game, sword, wings, monsters, broken walls, and the vines/

Could these models pop out enough in the game to be noticed, and will it effect the game if so…

Should I recreate them (takes a animator and scripter tho)


Alright just played it.

It is very glitchy… The models could be updated, the sword animations glitched for me. And at the beginning of the game my mouse was acting really weird (not sure if that is the game) and the gui buttons don’t seem to be in the right places.

I suggest if you want the game to do well the game must be refined, I suggest making the game alpha. Then maybe try to just update everything. Make the wings flap, make the buildings detailed, maybe decorate the tower more. etc.

Over all the game has potential, just needs to be refined.
(Btw if you need a builder I’m open for work…)

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Hey ur game is idea amazing also, hello there Mr_Marshmello. but It needs some UI twicks and, Marshmellow is an amazing builder. ( I am a UI designer btw ) XD.


I’m so sorry about the guis, I got a bit selfish and set them to a position for only my phone type, for I could play the game myself properly since it isn’t as famous atm, I do need help building I’ll msg u abt this

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