Designing a map?

Hi, ever since the uplift of Copyright content between WarnerBros & ROBLOX I’ve looked at making my own spin off of a Wizarding school, I’ve noticed many games such as Vale having their own unique take on the Wizarding world,

Now I’m an adequate builder, however I’m having issues being creative and was wondering if anyone could possibly plant some ideas in my head for a map?
Thanking yoy in advance.


Ah, wizard world, as in like a Harry Potter theme? Well, for a map, make a medieval castle? Looks kind of old and scary, standing on top on a very tall mountains, maybe above clouds? And put water or lava below? That’s just my suggestion for the outside, if you like it, I can probably help you with the inside.


It is indeed!
Its soley based off of the Harry Potter fandom but I intend to make it my own tske on the Wizarding world itself.
So the only thing(s) that may be HP relates sre actually the spells.


Alike to what is said above, a medieval castle would do the trick. Within the map, also perhaps make some interesting places to explore. Some examples of places that you can add are:

-Underworld Dungeon
-Spooky Forest
-Mythical Forest
-Large Mountains

I believe that another big part of the map, other than the medieval castle, should be the places that you have the possibility to explore. I’d suggest maybe even making new spells hidden within the map, but this is what you should decide.


Agreed on the Spells, I’ve already adjusted my Wands to allow spells to be found etc.

My biggest issue is the designing, I can’t fathom any “original” ideas and the surrounding terrain also.

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Like I have said above, a terrain, castle on a mountain above the clouds. And I was thinking of adding on tot hat, maybe secret tunnels inside of the rock for spells to be found! Maybe some bosses or defenders/protecters there too?


Thanking you both! I aim to make a group ideally dedicated to this and want to keep the Players involved and not entertained. Further ideas on this would be appreciated

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There was a group around in 2010–13 that used a mountainous, cave-like castle, rather than a strictly fantasy castle. Think the dwarf fortresses in LOTR, but with courtyards and leafy, mountain-encircled grounds. Their premise was that they were much more secretive than their wizard counterparts, and they were actually the more elite and elusive blood type of mages.

I grew up with magic schools. If you want more help you can PM me. :blush:

Oh, that was meant to serve as inspiration in case you thought I was aimlessly discussing history. lol

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Maybe for inside, a grand hall, just like in Harry Potter where the picking hat picks them for their dorms.
So inside first floor:
•Grand hall/ dining room

•Spell casting/ practicing.


If you need a builder to help you, I’m always available. :slight_smile:

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A further idea I’ve had is much like the Sanctuary for the Dark Brother Hood in skyrim, hidden off of the footpath and inside being the sanctuary etc.

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For a sort of open world experience like a wizard school, you should always make sure to pay attention to what I’ll call points of interest. Your map should retain what it needs to function, as well as have a few spots, like for example an arena, or the exterior/main entrance to the school that should look like they were really thought out. Because wizard schools are mostly from what I’ve seen RP/exploring games, your map should probably be big, with secrets. The point being that it seems endless and that there is always more to explore. I have noticed that most of the wizard school games I’ve been to look cool but lack the explorable areas that are so desperately needed.

When it comes to the actual school, make sure to have a central way to get around to either different levels of the school, or other sections entirely. For example, a magic elevator, large stairwell, or a corridor(most boring option).

I don’t want this post to be super unorganized so I’m gonna end with a list of things you should make sure to do with your map:
- expansive
- points of interest should be scattered around
- add lots of secrets, it’s a wizard school so you have a lot of flexibility to do this
- school interior should be unique when it comes to traveling around it

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