Designing an Anime-Style Tool Combat System: Seeking Input!

This is a late-night Dev time tonight need help I’m currently working on developing an exciting anime-inspired tool combat system and would greatly appreciate your help and creative input. In this combat system, I’m aiming to include a 5-hit combo system, air combat mechanics, skills, and directional blocking. Join me in this endeavor to bring the world of anime-inspired combat to life! Let’s dive into the details and discuss the potential mechanics and ideas to make this system engaging and thrilling.

  1. 5-Hit Combo System: In this combat system, I want to incorporate a 5-hit combo system that allows players to unleash a flurry of attacks on their opponents.

  2. Air Combat Mechanics: To capture the dynamic and acrobatic nature of anime-style combat, implementing air combat mechanics is crucial. Here are some key elements to consider:

  3. Skills: Including a range of skills can greatly enhance the combat system’s depth and player progression.

  4. Directional Blocking: To incorporate defensive gameplay mechanics, directional blocking can be an excellent addition.

I would appreciate enough information to help me with this coding journey.

Have a blessed night if you see this. :pray: