Desperate need of MODELER

Recently one of my only friend builder decides to quit out of the blue
I’m only familiar with programming, I’d love to work with a creative modeler
For I cannot work on a project like this alone

Before I continue I’d like to state I cannot afford to payout WAIT don’t click off, this isn’t a cliche simulator nor another obby, no-no-no. I’m a programmer working on a telltale story game genre horror I’ve been planning for 2 years spread out making demos currently working on the final product unfortunately alone.

I’m not looking for the best nor am I looking for someone that has “Dev” In their bio with the neon rainbow cartoony avatar,
I just need someone willing to put some effort into a blender and roblox studio F3X skills supporting me with ideas motivating each other for this paid access creation.


If you can finish this model exceptional well or at least remake it, you’re granted my trust and friendship

Will you join me alone and take this one-time opportunity?

PS No need to overly act professional all I care if you know how to build and we can laugh at memes broskis I’m not gonna ask for a resume and a 2 paragraph portfolio lol I’m rlly chill


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