Destroy a clone after new one is made

I am trying to clone a cart in 18 second intervals. Once it is cloned, however it should be destroyed after 3 minutes.

I have tried

-- while true do
	local cartCopy = game.ServerStorage.Cart:Clone()

	cartCopy.Parent = game.Workspace	

but of course, then it waits out the 3 minutes before cloning the next one. Any advice?

You can do this without yielding any code simply by using Roblox’s Debris.

Your fix would be:

local cartCopy -- this is done to create the variable
-- while true do
	cartCopy = game.ServerStorage.Cart:Clone() -- everytime the loop runs, it will set the variable to a fresh clone of the cart from ServerStorage

	wait(18) -- waits 18 seconds
	cartCopy.Parent = game.Workspace -- sets the carts parent to the workspace
    game.Debris:AddItem(cartCopy,180) -- this will destroy it after 3 minutes without yielding any code

Let me know if you have any more problems!

If you wanted to use Debris multiple times:

  1. Set a variable for Debris Service
local debris = game:GetService("Debris")
  1. Instead of game.Debris:AddItem(), you could simply do debris:AddItem()
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Small tip, use task.wait() over wait().


Thank you, this worked. I did not kn ow about Debris

The above answer worked, but now I’ve learned something new. Thank you!

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