Destroy the Mansion: Top Three Buttons

With the tutorial being unavailable, I thought it might be useful to inform you of what the three buttons at the top of the screen do in the meantime.

(Click on one of the points below to see what the button does and where it is)


The first button is the shop button, which is how you can upgrade your weapons

Note: If you can’t see any damage done by your weapons, then they might need to be upgraded


Use this green button to teleport to one of the three available locations

PVP (Player Vs Player)

This is the last of the three buttons, and can be used to fight others. Simply click this button, and it will count down. Once it reaches zero, you will be in PVP mode, and the PVP button will be red. Players in PVP mode have a sword icon over their heads.

When you are in PVP mode (the PVP button will be red) and you click the PVP button, another 5-second long countdown will start, and then the PVP button will turn blue again. This means that you are not in PVP mode anymore