Detailed Tavern/Saloon (WIP)

I’ve recently been working on building my portfolio and I am starting a bigger, more detailed projects than my other projects. I could make a town around this, but I’m not sure yet. I could make this western as well.

Also since this is a work in progress, here’s my poorly drawn plan for the rest of it:

I decided to make a chandelier but I’m not sure if it will fit anywhere, if I don’t like it I’ll save it for later.

Also the doors do work but I have to weld the parts together and they often disappear so I have to reweld it. Some parts I have to weld manually with F3X, which is pretty annoying.

And the SkyBox I have I got from (Rural Landscape HDRI • Poly Haven is the specific one I used)

If you do want to use one from that website:

  • Find one you like
  • Download it
  • And go to this website: HDRI to CubeMap and upload it and it will convert for you

The atmosphere feature with Haze is how I got it to hide the ground.

Thoughts or suggestions? I do need to come up with a name for it as well. I’m planning on making this super detailed, so expect more posts from me…


I love it. The textures on everything are beautiful. I think the bricks and the wood go really well together, amazing choice. Good stuff.

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I like it a lot! There are a lot of details on the walls, making the building so far feel like a solid human-made structure.

You placed a couple of wooden beams on the outdoor walls, that are not visible on the inside. With older buildings like this, seeing wooden support beams (especially on ceilings) is very common. Adding that visible structural support might be a nice touch.


Like @lostlid said, I love it. Not only are the textures amazing, and all the colors blend so well together. I have 0 suggestions/criticism. Great work! :slight_smile:

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I like it! It is very detailed! The only thing I would change would be the door handles. (Personal opinion) I feel as if it doesn’t fit the theme.

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this looks amazing, the skybox and wood go great together

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Looks really nice so far, looks a bit small though. Did you make the chandelier in blender?

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Yeah I made it in blender. Also it was too big before and it’s really made for first person. I will be adding a 2nd floor for rooms so it will look bigger.

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Epic building my friend, I like the details :smiley:

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this is realy cool, only feeddback i have i that the door hondles need texturing and they look a bit out of place from everything else

Someone else also suggested it, and after changing it to wood I can agree.

Also I’m working on trees

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Holy! That’s a very detailed Tavern, i like it.