Detecting if a position is within the pos of a part

hello, I’m making a TDS game and I need to see if a tower is within a part for placement how would i do this

I am not totally sure about your question but as far as I understood you want to check if a part is within a certain space/position.
If so try using region3.

I think they use Mouse.Target and Mouse.TargetFilter and they use I think a “Header” Part (The one color red on the bottom of the tower) and every time the mouse moves, they update the Mouse.Target and if the target is the Header Part, then cancel the placement

how would i do that im new to mouse.targetfilter

how would I do that??? im new

Here is the api reference which contains all the necessary info regarding this.
However if you do not understand this then there are several videos on youtube which cover up on Region3.

I don’t prefer Region3 since you need to loop inside the region to the parts and such, when Mouse.Target, you’ll just check the parent of Header if its a tower

how would i do that im new to mouse.targetfilter

This only applies to an Instance, not a table, this is similar to Raycasting actually

-- Custom Mouse Module
cMouse.TargetFilter = {} or Instance
-- Default Mouse
Mouse.TargetFilter = Instance

Also there are open-sourced Custom Mouse Modules out there you can use, which have much more capabilities(I think) than the current one