Detecting if an object is floating midair


How can I detect if an object is floating midair, and is not on a part? I am currently trying to make a fire explosive that when it gets touched it explodes, but it does not always hit the ground and can hit walls. This causes it to look unrealistic and be floating midair. Whats the best way to solve this?

It sounds like you only want it to explode when hitting certain things. You might want to look into code that checks if touch hit object is something that you want to trigger the explosion.

I have checks, but my problem however is when it is hitting a part, sometimes the part is a wall. Example in picture below. I’m wanting to make the flames move down to the floor if its floating.image

If you want to do stuff in a really controlled way, you can use raycasting to find the ground, and tween the fire parts down.

If you want to do things in a pretty and messy way, you can unanchor the fire parts and just let them fall to the ground.