Detecting Player Owns Any Crown of O's

Hi there!

I was surfing in Roblox and saw these group ads: Crown of Ooowners
And saw there is a Rank Center that helps you so much.
Like it founds out which Crown of O’s you own and ranks you up

What I need

I need to detect user owns any crown of o’s BUT I dont need to rank anyone just need a script cuz I cant find out how.

Thanks for Interested.


is what they are using.


Hmm lemme try to use it. If I can do something I would upload to here

In addition to that, I believe they put all of the Crowns inside a table of some sort, then reference that table through a loop, individually checking if that specific Player owns the asset or not

Depending on how much they have, you can do something to them if they have a specific amount

local CrownAssets = {} --Too lazy to search where they could be, but you can reference a table which will hold all of the "Crown of O's"
local MPS = game:GetService("MarketplaceService")

    local CurrentCrowns = 0

    for _, Crown in pairs(CrownAssets) do
        local Check = MPS:PlayerOwnsAsset(Player, Crown) --This will either return back as true or false

        if Check then --Checking if the Player owns that crown or not
            CurrentCrowns += 1

I need to put ID’s of Crowns inside of arrays?

Yes, as in the script will check for ids. You can add just the gold crown’s I’d assuming those who have higher already have it.