Detecting when a flung character has hit a wall

Basically an attack im creating has a big knockback and when a character hits a wall or the ground I want to add a little bit of damage and create a effect on the ground. So, I was wondering how I could detect that? Thanks

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You could do if a player touches you check their speed.


You can have a value in the player that is enabled when the user is being flung and when a body part touches something while it is enabled damage will be given

Ok ill try to see if that works

So I did some research on impact force, which I believe is what you are looking for, and found this formula to calculate it.

m can be the mass of the HumanoidRootPart.
v can be the velocity of the HumanoidRootPart.
d can be the magnitude of the start position and the wall position.


Thanks for the response! I think this is definitely what Iā€™m looking for Ill see if I can apply this.