Determining Player Name from String

Hey, I’ve been trying to figure out how I’d determine the player name (essentially the whole name excluding the “Ball” part)

Part.Name = Player.Name.."Ball"

From another script, I want to grab the player’s name from the part name only. I know there’s a workaround using objectvalues or stringvalues, but I’m wondering how I’d go about getting the player name from a string like this.

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You’ll want to grab a so-called substring of the entire string, namely you want to cut off the “Ball” part from the string, the last four characters.

To pick a part of a string and not the full string, you should use the string.sub method. This will go like this:

local playerName = string.sub(Part.Name, 1, #Part.Name - 4)

Meaning that you take the substring of Part.Name, from the first to the total number of characters in the string minus 4, so we cut off the last four characters.


Ah, okay, thanks.
I’ve always wondered how people did that.


1 actually refers to the first letter in the string for once rather than 0?

Lua starts its indexing at 1 instead of 0.


Learn something new everyday. What a bizarre thing after learning C# and Java.

lua is generally pretty weird

playerName = part.Name:sub(1, -5)

local plrName = string.gsub(part.Name,"Ball","")

This will return a string with anywhere it finds “Ball” at the end removed. The only downside is if “Ball” is also located somewere in the player’s name on a rare occasion.

-- use $ to anchor ball to the end

part.Name:gsub('Ball$', '')