Dev for hire! [Closed]

(I don’t know what category to put this into please don’t judge)

Hello there! I am thatisawesome123!
I am a developer(builder), I use blender and F3X.
I’ve been developing for almost 2-3 years!
I am Looking to be hired by someone who’s willing to pay, someone with a team or someone trying to make a simulator.
I am not good at Modeling, I will try!
I am 13, add me in discord if you’re interested in hiring me!
@Joe w key#6704
Here are some quick builds of mine :

Everything’s built by me, only some things like the treasure and the portals.
Need information? ADD me on discord.

I HAVE BEEN HIRED, For now it’s closed until I am free again.

can you move this to #collaboration:portfolios section if you wanna get a job. so can you change this topic to the portfolio section

Okay thanks. 30 charsssssssssss

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I have been hired, for now it’s closed until I am free.