Dev Product, Process Receipt, Make usable Log for Exploit Protection, Player Purchase Checking

I would like to Implement a dev product purchase log for checking purchases

I am a new developer working on a unreleased project.

I have dev product purchases in my game skip stage, tool items and donate shop.
I have used the process receipt template from the Developer pages.

My game is not ‘Live’ yet but I would like to be assured that I am not leaving myself open
for exploits, by keeping some sort of log with easily accessible data.

The script for process receipt saves the playerId and transaction code. Is this is enough for checking.
How will I be able to check these entries.

for instance Player1 - has made 4 legitimate purchases and the 5th purchase goes wrong somehow.
and Player2 - who has never played the game claims to have purchased items and claims a refund

How would I be able to check the integrity of these claims.

There are a lot of games on roblox and I’'m sure every dev has a way of dealing with these requests
my concerns may be unfounded, but when there is currency involved it may get serious.

I do not wan to rip off players that have bought items legitimately and are entitled to item or refund.
In the same breath I dont not want to be open to scams and exploits.

Any help or advice will be appreciated.

tl;dr:- I want to make a purchase log to verify a purchase history and not be open to exploiters.

You can use HttpService to send logs to a service of your choice.

Thanks for the tip about httpService. I have been looking into these for a couple of days and am more confused than when i posted originally.

I was thinking more of a datastore with purchase history and how to retrieve a players data easily.