Developer exchange eligibility status displayed

Roblox should allow users to view if they’re eligible to Devex on the Developer Exchange page if not then it should display a reason and a period of time why the user is unable to devex. If they’re not eligible because they don’t meet requirements then display that they do not meet the Devex user requirements.

Although you can email, I feel this feature should already be displayed for the user without having to reach out to Roblox and would be a nice addition to the Roblox Developer Exchange page.

Note: The page does display “Cash out” when you’ve got 100,000R$+ however, my suggestion is to add onto this as currently if a user is unable to DevEx their payment gets declined by Roblox and they receive a Roblox message, it should not let users who are not eligible to DevEx submit a cashout in the first place.

  • It should display if a user is eligible to Devex on the page.
  • It should stay the same and not change.

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Even if it’s a good idea it’s impossible because the people who check if we’re eligible do it after we press the cash out button.

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I believe what he means to say, is after you hit the button, and you’re ineligible, that you should not have the option afterwards unless you get made eligible again. I really am not sure however.

And how would we know if we are eligible again if the people who check if we’re eligible only check after you press the cash out button?

Both of you are wrong in what I’m suggesting, Roblox wouldn’t need to check your account, as always if you’ve had any moderation history which they deem enough to cancel your ability to DevEx for a period of time e.g. stealing an account, etc it would display in your Devex page that you’re not eligible to DevEx at this time, and once this has expired it would display you’re eligible to DevEx (as long as you met the requirements e.g. age 13, email verified, etc).

Ye I understand now. I support this could avoid people from buying OBC to DevEx and get declined.

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This is not something that can be displayed like this because it is not only dependent on factors that can be numerated (i.e. it’s not just about eligible R$, it’s also about moderation history and other subjective factors that require human review).

The alternative would be to manually update your eligiblity status every time something about your account changes (i.e. you get a moderation strike), but they don’t want to do that because (1) it requires them to make up on the spot or make an elaborate description of what affects your DevEx status in what way (for all users, even though the user might never use DevEx), which is hard and a major workload and (2) it puts them in an awkward position because developers will see it as a “promise” that they can cash out while they may not be able to once it passes human review.