Developer feature request: force Terrain Water quality

Terrain.WaterQuality = 0 for auto or 1-10 for forced quality would be nice. At quality 7 and above, many people are having trouble playing my islands game because of the water shader lagging and don’t know it’s the water that lags and not the place itself. Not sure how practical this is. The terrain water is lovely but super resource intensive…

I think an interesting feature in general would be the ability to force a maximum quality level in general. A property of Workspace, perhaps?

We could have a minimum too, but that leads to lower-end computers being compromised.

Or, you know… the water parts that have been requested numerous times.

Don’t! You’ll jinx us all!

Building on a grid is terrible for games where you don’t build on a grid. :C

I will have to jinx you just this once.