Developer Hub pages can frequently not be accessed (5xx/4xx errors)

EDIT: This topic does now extend to all widespread 5xx and 4xx errors because they all have the same cause. Use this thread for issues where large parts of the developer hub are currently not accessible.

Many developers can currently not access certain pages on the Developer Hub.

For myself, I have found that these pages do not work at the moment of posting:

They may work for other people, and pages that work for me might not be working for others. For example, these pages work for me, but they have been reported not to work for several developers:

The pages I can/cannot access change every few hours seemingly. I could not access some of the above yesterday, and I could access some of the currently-broken ones yesterday.

The error is:


Additional info:

  • Happens even without any extensions.
  • I’m in Western Europe.
  • Latest version of Chrome.
  • First noticed this happening 2 days ago.

Can confirm this is an issue for me too. I’m in Ohio region (us-east-2)

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I cannot access these pages either. I’m us-east-2 aswell.


Cant Access:

Can Access:


Some of these pages are inaccessible to me. This issue was occurring yesterday, and it was possible to circumvent by connecting to the pages from a server located in a different region. This is no longer the case, regardless of where the connection is made I cannot access them.

for what it’s worth, I live in Australia.

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Hi all,

We recently did some server migration to improve site performance! Sadly, it looks like some of the API pages were not carried over in the process, but have no fear they still exist in our CDN.

@BusyCityGuy is in the process of ensuring the pages you report are back up and working.

We appreciate your patience and please do keep sending any broken links you find our way.


I cannot access these pages either. I’m in Maryland!

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I cannot even access the Devhub homepage at all (and if that helps I’m getting the same errors as @buildthomas).

I’m also residing in Western Europe (specifically in France).

Sometimes I can access some of the pages but not all of them (and yes I rebooted my router multiple times to rule out a IP blacklist error but to no avail).

Oddly enough I can access articles if I put their url directly (or through pages I’ve bookmarked) but the landing page always returns a 404 on my end.

The pages listed in this thread should be fixed. I confirmed they were missing and are now available.

There may be some caching that prevents them from appearing for a little while. Use Ctrl + F5 to help ensure it’s not your browser cache.

If you find these pages or other pages continue to be missing, please continue to post them here for now.


Would you mind trying to clear your browser cache?

Will do, I’ll try my best to keep you updated on that matter… Strangely enough my colleague can access the Devhub just fine (we both use Google Chrome canary build)

Edit: seems like it is no longer happening on my end, I still had a bit of issues after cleaning the cache but after refreshing 6-10 times, seems to have stopped glitching out of the blue.

All these work for me for some odd reason. I haven’t encountered this

These pages are currently dead for me.

Going to the wiki page and clicking the link for the value type leads to the broken page

Checking on the page shows that the following pages are not found:-

  • ColorSequenceKeypoint
  • DockWidgetPluginGuiInfo
  • Faces
  • NumberRange
  • NumberSequenceKeypoint
  • PathWaypoint
  • RBXScriptConnection
  • RBXScriptSignal
  • Rect
  • Region3
  • Region3int16
  • TweenInfo
  • UDim
  • Vector2
  • Vector2int16
  • Vector3int16
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These should be all set now :slight_smile:

I’m currently unable to access the page on MarketplaceService. It’s giving out a 502 error.

I can’t access the page data-types it’s giving me a 502 error!

During the migration, the side bar for “Resources” was broken

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Just pushed a code fix out for this tonight!

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Hmm, are you still having this error? Could you hard refresh?

Could you hard refresh? To clear your browser cache.