Developer icon gone on the leaderboard

Reproduction Steps

Join a game you have team create access on that you do not own. The developer hammer icon next to your name is no longer visible. I have tested this in 2 different groups, and it happened in both.


Expected Behavior

I expect to have the hammer icon next to my name on the leaderboard.


Actual Behavior

When the steps are followed, I do not have the hammer developer icon next to my name in any game that I got team access to that I do not own.

I tested this in 2 games in 2 different groups.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Display
Impact: Low
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2022-05-12 00:05:00 (+02:00)


I am noticing some strange behavior as well in one of my topics:

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This is a problem I have had too, except in my case, I am the group owner. The hammer icon does not appear in any of the experiences created by my group. I cannot use the freecam feature in my group games either. I noticed this problem starting a few days ago.

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I am experiencing this same thing as well, except I can’t open the Dev Console via Settings and Can’t use Freecam as a Developer could do. I made sure I was the owner.

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Cannot repro, the F9 key works for a game under my profile. Is it a group game? The original post says they had issues on a Team Create-enabled game that was under someone else’s place.

I have the exact same problem and it happens every time. This problem only occurs in group games, where I’m either the group owner or a developer. For my own games, this problem does not happen. I rely pretty heavily on the Freecam feature, so it’s a bummer that this problem exists.

That’s weird, same thing happened to me! I lost access to the developer console!

Hello developers I have the problem my game is not working error unknown
Please can you fix that the problem is Military - Roblox
Bug this is the problem of the website from the looks when I look to try to join the game but it’s not working and you know that I just sent a post
Thank you

It’s strange behavior, because in group those who has permission to experiences receive developer icon.

But maybe someone that’s stranger from developer but I don’t know I think so

I get this in my group game. The hammer for me only works on games made by me and not by a group that I have. Plus I can’t use free cam in my games :frowning_face:

Well, I don’t think so because developer can add only friends to edit their experience.

But we know what is a hemorrhoid what is the problem is I wanna system of the roblox we need to fix that the problem but everybody it’s not working to on Roblox studio it’s coming to error studio

Yeah i get the same issue on group games i’m a developer for, The developer icon shows on my own games but the developer free cam doesn’t work anymore, Shift + P doesn’t trigger it, and those issues just started happening less than a week ago, I hope it gets fixed soon.

Yeah I think shift-P freecam is broken for everyone on the client. Even single owner games.

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No, it’s a single game made my me.

Appears broken in all games that use the default leaderboard.

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I just haven’t fixed my game yeah I know

Yes, I have the same problem every time when I’m join group game.
I’m group owner and developer and my group game have this problem.
My own game doesn’t have problem. This bug impact is low but It’s pretty annoying :frowning:
I hope this problem will be fixed soon


I am having this problem as well and it is actually significantly impacting me - Both me, and my developers, do not have the Hammer Icon/Permissions in game.

This means we cannot access the Developer Camera, either - Which means trailer making is significantly harder. Pls fix roblox

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