Developer Products

I think you should be able to create developer products while in game and be able to set the price of them

Let’s say you have a cash bonus developer product that adds 50% of your current in-game cash. However, people get more return on the purchase the more in-game cash they possess.

I want to be able to set the price of a developer product depending on how much in-game cash they have. If they had 5,000 cash, the developer product will cost 5 Robux, and if they had 15,000 cash, it would cost 15 Robux. I want to be able to apply a formula to the developer product price, basically.

Other examples include:
[li]Stackable bonuses[/li]
[li]An “Experience Boost” depending on how much experience you have[/li]

So, essentially a way to charge any amount of robux/tickets in a transaction?


From what I understand, it’s merely a way to adjust the price paid by a user in a script. It would still ask the user to verify the purchase and tell them how much they’re going to end up paying.

Although you can already kinda-sorta do this by having multiple game passes/dev products with different prices, simply changing the price as it’s needed is a much more elegant solution. I’m in support of this.

Edit pricing would be a godsend.

The thing I want to use this most is this:

You have an item in a game that you can buy multiple copies of. The player puts in a number in a textbox on how many they want to buy, and it calculates a ROBUX price and sells them that much copies of the item.

It will save the player time as they don’t have to buy the Developer Product OVER and OVER again.

I’ve wanted this for a long time.

Fully support

In-game bidding wars come to mind.

The only issue would be verifying that someone could indeed buy the value they bid.

My game has a currency, and this would be nice, as if the users could buy however many ‘credits’ they like, and not be constrained to a few package options on credits

[quote] I’ve wanted this for a long time.

Fully support [/quote]


[quote] I’ve wanted this for a long time.

Fully support [/quote]

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This is a good idea anyway and support, I could see ways to use this.