Developer Spotlight: Meet Rastamypasta

This week, we had a chance to chat with @Rastamypasta, an artist that’s been on Roblox for 10 years (and counting)! You might know her from artwork she’s done for Jailbreak (above), some of her fan art, or some of her latest work- the Halloween Eve game!

Rastamypasta joined Roblox back in 2008 and has been a huge fan ever since. She saw Roblox as a place where she could express her love for games through her art. After sharing her artwork on Roblox, she gained opportunities to partner with game developers to create UI, thumbnails, and textures for game development. This was a dream come true for Rastamypasta; “Since I was young I always dreamt of working for Roblox and now it’s a reality, I’m able to pay my bills and support myself doing something I love so much,” she told us. She also cites @bethanyfrye and @loleris as two creators who were particularly inspiring to her when she began on Roblox.

Rastamypasta seems to be all-in on Roblox! When we asked her what her favorite part of the developer community was, she cited her fans and the passion that fans have for her artwork. Currently, she’s working on SOLO, a card game by @Icytea, Town and Country by @Reverse_Polarity, Baker’s World, where she worked with @Jazzyx3 and @JamienChee. She just finished some work for the Halloween game that just shipped! Rastamypasta shared her vision with us as well: “I really hope that I can create a game by myself with my development team, instead of being an outsourced artist. I want to create a name for myself, where this becomes less of a hobby and more of a career for me, a stepping stool onto bigger job opportunities in real life.”

Rastamypasta has some words of encouragement for creators out there who are getting started on Roblox: “A lot of the time, it can feel impossible to improve or succeed in some situations. You might have to spend hours re-doing something you loved, or have something you were proud of denied. You have to power through it and keep working and working and it will come around, and then you can look back and see how far you have come.”


Follow Rastamypasta’s work on Twitter, or via her Roblox profile!


A super incredible artist.

Well-deserving of another bloxy.


I wish I had artistic talent. Like I see Rasta’s work and I can’t help but stare at how cool it is.

Deserved the spotlight, should get another bloxy for sure (as mentioned above).


Thanks so much for the opportunity! <3


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