Developer Spotlight: Meet TheNexusAvenger

If you haven’t seen @TheNexusAvenger around on the Developer Forum yet, you have to check him out! TheNexusAvenger has been on Roblox since 2012, although he considers 2013 to be the start of his Roblox Developer career.

TheNexusAvenger is most known for two games: Ultimate Boxing and Roblox Battle. Following some of the changes made regarding Experimental Mode earlier this year, the latter became unplayable. TheNexusAvenger took this opportunity to work on an initiative he hopes to expand to his other work: open-sourcing his development. He started by publishing open-sourced documentation on fixing Roblox Battle and shipping Roblox Battle 2018 Edition.

TheNexusAvenger found inspiration to first open Roblox Studio from @Davidii 's Replication System, which TheNexusAvenger credits for pushing him to get into running local effects. After attending a few of the development-based talks at RDC, his motivation to expand his development career was reinvigorated. He credits Roblox as being the force that got him into Software Engineering (both in his free time and at university- both in class and at his on-campus job). He particularly loves the growing community feeling that the Roblox Development community offers.

TheNexusAvenger is currently working on Nexus Plane System Version 1.1, a PvP game, and he’s even planning projects that he’ll be working on through next summer.

Looking for advice from TheNexusAvenger? “Don’t be afraid to cancel projects. You can always come back to them later.”


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The project that I am planning for next summer is actually an idea I had in 2013. There were 3 prototypes I made, but never got past that due to limitations with my abilities. The 4th attempt will be much bigger and better, and something new to the Roblox platform.


How can we get shoutouts too?


Good Luck on Nexus Plane System Version and the PvP Game!
Can’t wait to see these amazing projects!


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Do cool stuff, get super lucky.

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A fantastic piece of advice to give! Don’t know how many times I’ve seen devs worried that they can’t get to every single project, when they just need to relax and realize that they just can’t. They try to walk so quickly that they slip under their feet, when they should instead take things one step at a time.


I am a suspect at making about 20 projects within the last 3 years, not really sure where to take any of them.

Settled on one recently that I’m quite happy with.


*There are 3 prototypes


My what?


It was part of a game you worked on 4 years ago.


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