Development Discussion green color is weirdly light?

I’m pretty sure it used to be a darker shade of green. It looks out of place now.

Literally unusable



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They changed the green?

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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Yes this did change, the old green next to the red public section reminded some folks of Christmas and they couldn’t deal with that. The new Aqua color was set to alleviate this tension.

Perhaps an entire remapping of the color scheme to follow a ROYGBIV pallet would be more appealing?


There’s a reason everyone hates spring green named guys on Twitch you know

what is this starbucks?


Does someone want to propose a different arrangement of the category colors? :art:


  • Only use the category colors shown below
  • Only suggest changes to the category colors, nothing else
  • A category and its sub-category’s colors can’t match exactly. Example; You can’t have 191919 be the color for Feature Requests and 191919 be the color for Studio Features.
  • You can use a color more than once


General re-skins, style suggestions and complaints should be posted in other threads.

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One thing that comes to mind is to have the subsections of Feature Request and Bug and Exploit Reports have respectively the same colors, so the Client Features subcategory would have the same color as the Client Bugs category, etc. Since they have the same scope location/platform-wise.

Furthermore I think this could work out nice for the top categories to reflect their purpose better:

  • Public: bright red (color that defines ROBLOX pretty much (logo))
  • Development discussion: bright blue (blueprint, work in progress)
  • Feature requests: bright green (green traffic light)
  • Bugs and Exploit Reports: bright orange (orange traffic light, danger)
  • Lounge: bright yellow vs. violet (light-mindedness vs. imagination/the color you would expect on a high quality sofa in an exclusive lounge (jk))

Oh god I’m rambling about colors again

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Color codes:

  • Public Updates and Announcements: e2231a
    (Because most people associate ROBLOX with the color red due to the logo)

  • Development Discussion: 00a2ff
    (Blue because blueprints/creativity/people-based, sub-categories increasing shades of blue)

  • Tutorials: 99daff

  • Cool Creations: 32b5ff

  • Collaboration: 0074bd

  • Feature Requests: 3fc679
    (Green as in getting “safe”/greenlit signal from the community and because it’s game/platform-based, sub-categories colored after their platform)

  • Client Features: d86868

  • Studio Features: ffd200

  • Web Features: 99daff

  • Mobile Features: a3e2bd

  • Bug and Exploit Reports: f68802
    (Orange because of “danger”, sub-categories colored after their platform)

  • Client Bugs: d86868

  • Studio Bugs: ffd200

  • Web Bugs: 99daff

  • Mobile Bugs: a3e2bd

  • Lounge: ffd200
    (Yellow as in less serious, light-mindedness, inspiring)

  • Inception Forum: fd2843
    (Neutral color)

  • Moderation Review Requests: fd2843
    (More prominent color than the current which is darker)

  • Nominations: e3e3e3
    (The top category has a positive color (white-ish) and the sub-categories are colored depending on the fact if it concerns people (blue) or games (green))

  • Member Nominations: 00a2ff

  • Featured Game Sort: 3fc679

  • Updates Archive: a41d36
    (Darker version of the “Public Updates and Announcements” since it is an archive)

The most prominent categories to the forum are now colored in a bright color, and the most important ones of those (the top 5) all have a different hue now. Coincidentally, all topics in which the staff members have the biggest presence have some kind of reddish color (Public Updates and Announcements, Moderation Review Requests, Updates Archive)

Regarding why I treat people-based stuff as blue and game-based stuff as green:

Just an idea!


I actually really like this color scheme. Thank you Buildthomas, I will look into making this change.


Hey, are you still discussing it or was the change of colors rejected? It’s fine either way, just wondering. :smile:

We are still discussing how best to change the colors. Turns out there are a lot of strong opinions on color.

This idea is awesome and definitely not being rejected.