[DEVELOPMENT] Hiring Developers for Pixelator!

About Us

Hello, and welcome to Result Studios! We are hiring a new development team to work on our upcoming game, called Pixelator.

The Team

Introducing me, the owner, hehe, is 6QL4!
I own, and direct the studio!

Next, we have @c0znx who is our co-director of Result Studios.
(she is actually my sister, and can get strict sometimes, don’t get her mad!)

Game Information

So, in case your wondering, Pixelator is a friendly low poly styled, round based gun game. Players will spawn in maps, and kind of be like MM2, or Assasin.


We are currently offering:

Builder - 10% (2 builders) (FILLED)
Scripter - 35% (1 scripter) (FILLED)
Modeler - 10% (1 builder)
UI - 5% (1 UI, does not have to script.)
6QL4 - Manager, Director, Builder, Community Manager - 10-15%
Advertisements: 5%
Animator - 10%
Manager - 10% (FILLED!)
If game fails ,I have 3,500 robux pending. It’s currently awaiting to be paid out, because of roblox’s update.

Note: Even if the payment is enough, I believe the game will be a success, and even if it’s not, note that I am still paying you for your work, even if it’s not a heck ton like rich people. I tried my best to get backup payment, because I know all you developers want robux, or payment in some sort.


6QC0#4343 or 6QL4#3686 or iqkek#1619
Thanks for reading and checking us out!


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