Development team makeup

I just have question that I am looking to get some opinions on…

About how many builders, scripters, modelers, etc. should a SCPF have? Like 2-3 builders and 1-2 scripters, etc. Please give your feedback on what you have found to be a good balance!

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So, are you asking only community members that are working on an SCP Foundation game? Ideally you would need to look at your project and determine this yourself. Even though the premise of the game can be similar, each project is different.

How many people you need or would like in your team depends on the experience of each individual on the team and the teams ability to complete tasks and milestones.

When you’re starting a project you need to have about 5 builders ,3 scripters ,2 designer in your game

When it’s time to release the game your have to add an 1 investor

I normally work alone but if I had to have a team I’d have 1 builder, 1 scripted, and me, the designer.

This is highly dependent on how your project is setup as @T0ny said. It also varies with the skill and preference of your developers. You might have one scripter who is adept enough at everything that your group might require. On the other hand, maybe that scripter might only be adept at backend work which might leave room for a potential slot to be held by a frontend scripter. This applies to builders and what not. Try to see how confident they are with their skill and how much of a workload they’re willing to carry.

Nonetheless, it’s never a bad idea to have reserves or multiple people at a position as long as you can handle it.

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I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a front and backend scripter, what is the difference?

Forgive the late reply, let’s put it shortly. Back end (as the name can apply), generally has to do with stuff that you don’t see. Front end has to do with stuff that you CAN see such as magic and all the merrier. BE is moreover stuff that might be occurring in the background and what not. Really short/general explanation.