Development Team Openings [Payment Included]


This topic was created upon the need for developers within my group, Canada. I’ll go ahead and put a little story here about how we came to be and what we are. We are currently a Ro-Nation in development phases. Around a year ago we had near 50,000 members, usually with 200 players at our city each day, more on weekends. I believe the highest amount of players we had online at once was near 1200. We have gained around 1.5 - 2 million robux in sales revenue, which in turn was paid to our development team and put toward more advertisements. I passed down the group and the owner was not very intelligent when it came to leadership and distributing funds, so the group eventually became very inactive and lost a lot of members. I recently got it back, hired a new development team, and plan to revamp it with state of the art technology and building. With our current team of developers, our new unreleased city is around 40% completed (building-wise). Once released, I plan to run well over 100,000 robux in advertisements and sponsors on our city.


  • General Scripting
  • Exterior Building
  • Interior Building
  • Brick Vehicle Building
  • Road Building
  • UI Design


Upon being accepted for a position in our development team, you will be welcomed by our community and sent an invite to our discord (with 600 members). You will have access to a development channel in which all developers use to communicate with each other. You will also be forwarded a link to our development trello and added to it which we use to keep track of all projects.


As of now we do not have an ‘official’ payment system for developers. When assigned a task, I will personally speak with you to establish a price for its completion. Your projects will be tracked via the trello system mentioned earlier and you will be awarded payment based upon your overall work.



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Looking good, Good luck! I would hit you up with some Graphics but my software is busted :confused:

What kind of UIs are you looking for?

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